Who We Are


Health & Well Being

Fun. Confidence. Resilience. 

We understand the power of mountain biking’s ability to help build confidence and resilience. Skills we learn on the bike such as problem solving and goal setting translate off the bike and help overall health and well being. Learning new and fun outdoor activities help to develop lifelong healthful habits.


Peer Based. Empathy. Kindness.

Sprockids Las Vegas provides a healthy outlet to youth through mountain biking, regardless of their ability, socioeconomic status, or other personal characteristics. We believe diversity is what makes our groups so special and our cohort style instruction fosters a thriving learning experience and cultivates connection.


Advocacy. Awareness. Responsibility.

We emphasize the importance of trail advocacy, proper trail stewardship and the importance of being a good custodian of our natural areas. We believe it is our responsibility to help take care of natural resources and biodiversity of the land where we ride.

Sprockids Las Vegas


Sprockids is a youth mountain biking organization passionate about inspiring and creating opportunities for young riders to learn and participate in the sport of mountain biking. We offer instructional programs and experiential rides designed to support the development of positive self esteem, build community, and encourage an active lifestyle. We empower riders by teaching life skills through bike skills. Sprockids emphasizes practicing an active lifestyle, taking responsibility for your own actions and having empathy for others! We cultivate this through drills, adventures, and games.

We highlight that fun and play is key to long lasting learning. Instructors focus on the importance of etiquette, fair play and leadership while emphasizing the critical role of self-esteem and confidence. We foster a strong sense of community, reinforcing the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. We celebrate and invite cyclists of all abilities, races, ethnicities and backgrounds to join us on the trails.