Foundationz Clinic

The Sprockids Las Vegas Foundationz clinic focuses on teaching beginner riders’ fundamental skills that are necessary for building bicycle confidence through drills, games and various fun activities.

What to expect: Our Foundationz course is exactly what it sounds like, the FOUNDATIONZ of mountain bike skills. This two-hour clinic is the prerequisite to all of our other skills clinics as each individual skill builds on the prior and helps the rider gain confidence to transition through each progression. Riders will learn essential mountain biking skills and proper techniques through games, fun activities and drills including: bicycle preparation (proper attire/helmet fitting and how to conduct an ABC quick bike check), basic bicycle components and maintenance, the difference between neutral/ready position and when to use them, bike body separation, how to brake effectively, starting/stopping safely and more! Each skill is taught in a way that allows riders to progress and challenge themselves at their own pace.


AGE 7+

Be Ready to Ride

This clinic is suitable for riders aged 7+ that are comfortable riding their bikes off-road (this does not mean extensive experience and beginners are encouraged to join)!
Please arrive with the following:
1.) A bicycle that has a wheel size of 20” or greater and has recently been serviced and/or checked over by a professional (please utilize the ANY Giant Las Vegas branch for a complimentary check over with sign up).
2.) A properly fitted helmet, weather appropriate athletic clothing, close toes shoes. adequate hydration and a light snack. Please visit one of our locations to help guide you if any necessary items are not already purchased.
3.) All preliminary registration forms and waivers completed and submitted.
*Scholarships are available for families that would like to participate at a reduced rate, please send an email to [email protected] to inquire about the program*
We can’t wait to ride with you!