Upcoming Courses

Our courses offer a variety of options for young riders and their families. From our after school programs, and various clinics to our adventure rides; Sprockids offers an experience that suits the needs of all developing mountain bike riders. We are booking now for the events listed below!


Learn To Ride

Learning to ride a bicycle can be a rewarding but also challenging endeavor.

The Sprockids Learn to Ride clinic provides a step-by-step process on how to confidently ride a bike. Riders build confidence through drills, games and positive reinforcement.

With the help from our skilled and engaging instructors, we’ll have you riding in no time!


Ages 5+


Skills Clinic

Foundations 1

The Sprockids Foundations 1 clinic teaches mountain biking skills and essential techniques through drills, games, and fun activities.

Your rider will learn: bike safety and how to conduct an ABC bike check, importance of a properly fit helmet and a helmet check, about bike components and equipment, the three mountain bike essentials, what neutral and ready position are and how and when to use them, proper bike body positioning and separation, shifting gears and how to brake effectively. Skills are taught in a playful environment using our obstacles and playing games while on the bike!


Ages 8+



Foundations 1 & 2

The Sprockids Foundations 1 & 2 clinics are comprehensive mountain biking programs designed to teach riders essential skills and techniques through engaging drills, games, and fun activities! This two-part clinic is being held over two weekends, allowing participants to build upon their skills and progress in their mountain biking journey.

Your rider will learn the entirety of our Foundations 1 clinic, and in addition will learn steering and cornering, safely getting on and off the bike on hills, ratcheting, riding switchbacks, wheel lifts, and more!


Ages 8+